Friday, August 16, 2013

Two style tacos with a side of creativity, por favor!

Creativity, art and personal style: these ingredients make an exciting dish that I would love to wrap up in a warm tortilla and enjoy with an ice cold cerveza! Which is what we did two weeks ago at at the Chapel of Jimmy Ray. The gallery is an otherworldly creation by our friends Anado and Richard located in La Cieneguita, about fifteen minutes outside of San Miguel de Allende.

Artist Anado McLauchlin and his partner, teacher Richard Schultz, moved to the area twelve years ago and created a colorful creativity compound with a gallery, boutique and residence with too much fabulousness to document in this post. Take a look at this link and you'll see what I mean. I told Anado their place is like a tuning fork where the color, the art and the people come together in a perfect vibrational pitch. For this show, Anado displayed his large, multi-dimensional mosaic and collage pieces. In addition, photographer Spencer Tunick and artist/musician Joseph Arthur (fresh from his appearance on David Letterman) collaborated on photographs layered with grafitti-like painting.

As you can imagine, with such a buzz of creativity, the people attending the opening showed some  great style.

From left to right, Richard, Anado, Joseph and Spencer.

Spanish actor, Judith Urdiales, sporting beribboned Converse and a touch of Frida. 

Fabulous earring and original Joseph Arthur iconography on her neck brace!

Color swirled and danced everywhere. 

Long, lovely and elegant. 

Las tres Sharons. They're all named Sharon and they all look fab.

Darling guys. I love the urban mix of patterns on the guy on the right. 

Traditional Mexican embroidery has such beauty and richness. 

Palm Springs? Miami Beach? Nope, right in ol' La Cieneguita. 

Great print dress by Mara Hoffman

Very cool filmmakers from Mexico City. 

And these ladies are perhaps the most stylish of all. These large dancing puppets are called Mojigangas.  Inside each one is a person, with the top of their head reaching about to the waist of the figure. There's a peep hole in the front of the skirt for visibility. The figures dance hilariously and suggestively, towering about ten feet high. Could this day have been any visually richer? Not one bit.