Tuesday, August 30, 2011

With Bright Eyes for Style

A woman of style and smiles, Gisela Mann Gierlich
Matt and I are in Mainz, Germany on the Rhine River, visiting our friends, Judith and Christof. They are art lovers and collectors, among their other many wonderful and fascinating interests. So far, it’s been two straight days of art parties; meeting a group of exciting European artists, eating great food, drinking delicious wines, and enjoying a glass or two of Taittinger Rose champagne to start and end the evenings.   
Judith introduced me to her friend, Gisela Mann Gierlich and I saw immediately that she is a woman of great genuine style. Gisela has an interior design business, Domus Einrichtung and Innenarchitektur and she generously agreed to talk with me about her design inspirations and to show me her combination home and interior design office. 

In her living room, Gisela has tones of mauve and soft lavender with a dramatic touch of a bright yellow Venetian glass chandelier.

Her dining room has bright pink and green and a bold pattern. Just like her personal style of dressing, her interiors are feminine, modern with an edge of the unexpected.

Gisela opened all her rooms to me, even her closet, a cozy boudoir with soft puddling curtains covering racks and drawers. It’s intimate and practical at the same time. Chanel, Prada and Gucci are her favorite designers right now with a little bit of H&M. Gisela says she wears everything and has fun mixing designers and expensive with the not so expensive. Eyeglasses designed by Chrome Hearts is a favorite of Karl Lagerfeld, and is also her favorite. 

Gisela's luxurious closet with a fur chair and cool Anthologie Quartett Gabriele floor lamp. 

She wears her clothes for many years. One of her favorite pieces is a Versace leather jacket
given to her twenty years ago by her late husband. 
Gisela describes her style as classic, but Judith says she is much more than that. Judith describes Gisella’s style as “extraordinary”. That whether she dresses classic and traditional or sexy and modern, she is always herself, a person with elegance, taste and an open heart.  


  1. Oh, I do love that dining room.

  2. Gisela's style is timeless, perfect for any age and oh so fun.