Tuesday, September 27, 2011

He's So Far Out, He Fits Right In*

Shopping at Fryda*s in Wiesbaden: shop owner Luetger Mueller and his cool assistant Esther Schulze
(wearing fun and fabulous Bekett hi-top suede sneakers)

When we were in Germany just three weeks ago, Judith took me to Fryda*s, one of her favorite designer dress shops in Wiesbaden. The shop has a perfectly curated collection of classic and fashion-forward clothing. There I had the pleasure of meeting owner Luetger Mueller and trying on a slew of Balenciaga dresses; all that magically fit. Herr Mueller quickly had my number, size and style-wise and was helpfully honest about what worked and what didn’t. As I don’t have an unlimited budget, we chose one dress that I could wear a lot. And it was on sale!

This is the dress I chose. I could get accustomed to wearing Balenciaga (and these perfect Isabel Marant "Gatsy" pumps, which are on my wish list). I'm still dreaming about the two other dresses I left behind!

And here's the front of the dress...with Bottega Veneta boots. 

The exterior of the shop is understated, but Luetger creates quirky, whimsical store windows, playing with the theme of the season and the clothing. He says this is a result of growing up in the countryside and feeling different from all the other kids. He spent most of his time alone, daydreaming and fantasizing. When I expressed sympathy, he said it was ok, because he uses those fantasies in his designs today. 

All window decor photos taken by Luetger Mueller

I have my new Balenciaga dress hanging on the outside of my closet door and I get a thrill just looking at it, admiring the details and enjoying the colors. I can't wait to wear it. It'll make its debut at a wedding in October.

*Lyric from Mosquitos "Boombox"


  1. I wish I could see the front -- it looks like it has several orange panels. As always, your blog makes me want to spend more time on my clothes, figuring out what makes me feel good and look good. To take style and fashion and my appearance more seriously.

  2. Thanks Tipsy, I just included a photo of the front of my dress. I didn't before because I thought my legs looked too white, but what the heck. How about taking style and fashion more funly (instead of seriously)?

  3. And what a surprise the front of the dress is. Conservative from the back, fairly so, and then pow! from the front. You'll be a sensation at the wedding, white legs and all.

  4. White legs? We didn't even notice the sans tan given the shapeliness! This simple sheath definitely surprises and flatters. (Dana agrees!)

  5. Wow! That front view is awesome.