Saturday, December 31, 2011

Madcap New Year's Eve

"My Beautiful Paper Hat"
And here are the instructions for making your own.

This is what I'm wearing so far for New Year's Eve -- a handmade tissue paper hat that I just whipped up in five minutes and my new Armani Mongolian goat fur collar that Santa brought me. As usual, I have the accessories figured out. And as for the rest, I'm working on it. I know it looks like I've lost my mind, and perhaps I have a bit, but I was inspired by an interview on the radio.

I woke up this morning hearing a lively discussion on NPR about hats. Thinking that this was a great and auspicious way to start New Year's Eve day, I jumped out of bed to make a cup of coffee and listen to the interview again online. It was Jacki Lyden interviewing Stephen Jones about his book, Hats: An Anthology and show at Bard Graduate Center open through April 2012. I encourage you to listen to the seven-minute interview and take a look at the thrilling hats featured in the show, a total of 300. 

Stephen Jones inspired me with this comment:
"But there's no excuse for going hatless on New Year's Eve. Absolutely wear a party hat. Just get a piece of paper, put it into a cone, staple it together, and you're bound to have a ball."

Matt and I are spending NY Eve cozy at home, sipping bubbly and nibbling on sushi. And we're dressing up for the occasion. Just maybe I can convince Matt to make a "mattcap" for himself.

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  1. OMG! The hat is fab, but I am weeping with jealousy for the Armani! Glad you had a mellow evening. Come visit!! xoxo