Monday, January 30, 2012

New Schoos

A shoe with the hue of Tiffany's

In my previous posting about Simon Doonan and his new book, I was reminded about how important it is for a girl to have gay friends because they are invaluable for giving personal style consultations and advice. For example, a few days ago I came home from a long day of serving on a jury (another story, but you won't hear about it here, not much style in the courtroom). There was a package waiting for me. It was from my muy guapo friend Lorenzo.

Inside the package was this darling pair of Jimmy Choo sandles. Lorenzo saw them in a consignment shop while traveling in Texas. Knowing my size and style he bought them thinking they would fit his sister or me. Lorenzo thoughtfully dresses all the women in his life. He has found quite a few treasures for me over the years -- a wild sequined pair of snakeskin print pants, a dramatic black beaded macrame top, beautiful vintage scarves and jewelry. And now these elegant shoes.  How sweet is that? I love them and him.


  1. Now you need a little Tiffany's box to accessorize. Hello Matt.

  2. And in THE color of the season, to boot! ; )

  3. Ah, to have friends like Lorenzo and feet that can fit into such elegant shoes without tripping you up.