Thursday, February 16, 2012

Window Licking

I did a little window shopping today on Union Square, or "window licking", the english translation of the vivid french expression -- "la faire de lecher la vitrine".  I probably can't afford what I see or even if I could, I'm not sure I would want to spend the multi-thousands to own it. But that's what's so democratic about shop windows, it's free to look, get inspiration and study the trends in colors, styles and textures.

Chanel today with a retro feel. Still true to black and white, the quilted bag, the camelia and the saucy boater hat. Very Mademoiselle Chanel and very Deauville.

Something about these Chanel mannequins looks oddly old-fashioned. Maybe it's the realistic heads with long hair and the make-up. All the other shop windows had abstracted heads, or no heads at all. 

Hermes always has artful windows. 
This time the theme is folded paper origami horses and geometric shapes. 

Colorful classic Hermes enamel bracelets.

Hermes dressage saddle on an amazing paper horse.

A simple black Hermes shift looks elegant with beautiful accessories and a hit of color. 

Prada is showing florals and pastel colors with a hint of grey to make them more complex and interesting. Miuccia Prada described her Spring 2012 collection as "Sweetness".

Nice mix of blues and a surprising green shoe. 

The Marc Jacobs window on Maiden Lane. Pitch fork?

Now that he has our attention...the Marc Jacobs' window has a county fair theme, complete with a full-size cow. And they're having a good ol' timey contest. Guess the number of blue mints in the giant milk bottle and win a $10,000 gift certificate to the store. Winner to be announced March 3rd*!

*(The results, 74,352 mints. Correctly guessed by "a guy who works down the street". I was only off by 25,000).


  1. Hmm. . .I wonder what the price is of the dressage saddle? Thanks for a peek at big city windows. Alas, our biggest "department" store here in San Luis is Forever 21, which is why when I do get to a city I love to ride up and down the escalators and gawk.