Friday, April 27, 2012

Post Post-Modern Par-tay

On Wednesday night SFMOMA turned itself into a pumping, pulsating nightclub. At the Post Modern Party Matt and I danced to Canadian electrofunk duo Chromeo, ate delicious bites from a number of SF restaurants and food purveyors and drank cocktails until the pumpkin hour. But the best part of the Post Modern party was the people watching. Everyone was dressed UP. So fun to see the women and the men dressed in their sparkly best. Lots of short cocktail dresses, leggy legs and strappy heels. Here are a few:

This couple looked so fun and happy. When I asked if I could take their photo, he replied,
"Why, because we're the oldest people here?" I said "No, because you look great."

The VIP dining area with the theme "Picasso's Blue Period," with a model of his guitar as the centerpiece. Photo taken by my friend Shio-ying. 

The "Supper Club" area, more food, more drinks and places to relax.
(Photo taken by my friend Shio-ying.)

The food was either meats or sweets.  Tables served grass-fed beef sliders, lamb pops, sliced roast and one table actually had an electric meat slicer and served slivers of smoked pastrami. (Matt asked if I needed to even out my heels al la Elaine on Seinfeld.) And then tables of delicious chocolates and treats. But the above was the best. Beautifully packaged two-bites worth of delicious Italian gelato covered in great chocolate. "Bacetti". I highly recommend!

Matt is enjoying himself!
(Even though he complained that the art was hidden away.) 

Beautiful embroidery. 

Yo quiero mucho!

Whew! We stayed till the end and headed home after midnight. 
I'm happy after a bounty of glamour and fun on a Wednesday night. 


  1. Look at you - Little Miss Cunningham. I just love how everyone posed and smiled. We all like to "flaunt" our style choices - don't we? Love the SFMOMA and love the post. Your choice in dresses was beautiful by the way - metallic or no metallic - you looked bien vestido. Nice.

  2. Honestly, I think your outfit was the most smashing.

  3. Oh my, you and Matt fit right into the glamour crowd!