Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nail Report: This Stuff Works!

 After I wrote my previous story on nails and manicures, my friend Carole revealed her nail care secret. Every day or so she brushes on a coat of Nailtiques Formula 2. Her nails always look nice so I thought I'd give it a try. I did and I'm impressed. Sometimes, by some fluke, my nails will grow consistently longish, but very soon they start to split and break and my brief rendezvous with pretty nails is over. But I've been using this stuff for two weeks and I have long (for me) nails. And they feel strong! And they're not splitting!


It comes in three formulas and #2 seems to be the one for most people. The best part is, I can swipe on a coat before I head out the door, it dries quickly and it gives a nice shine to my nails. And it's fine to apply nail polish on top.

To celebrate my new nails, I just bought a bottle of OPI "French Quarter for Your Thoughts."
Love the name.

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  1. I'll need to try this stuff. My nails are a disaster!