Friday, April 12, 2013

Gala Opening: Museum of Craft and Design

The new location for the Museum of Craft and Design just opened in Dogpatch, on Third Street between 22nd and 23rd Streets in San Francisco.

Any invite that starts with "gala celebration" is the invite for me. Champagne corks popped and a DJ spun while platters of tasty hors d'oeuvres were served at the opening of the new Museum of Craft and Design last Friday night. The crowd of craft and design devotees mixed, mingled, oooh'd and ahhh'd at the art.

Founded in 2003, The Museum of Craft and Design was previously located on Sutter Street near Union Square. It's terrible to say, but as much as I am a fan of craft and the support they give to the design community, I didn't make it to that location very often. This new location is fabulous and has great karma. Now called The American Industrial Center, it was previously known as The American Can Company and many an up-and-coming artist, designer and photographer back in the day had a studio there. (Including hubby Matt.)

And the neighborhood, Dogpatch, was a bit of a no-man's land until a few years ago. Now restaurants, galleries, wine bars and super creative clothing stores (MAC is a constant source of inspiration) have established themselves there.

Now, back to the celebration. First the art...

Three artists opened on the gala night. One exhibit was Arline Fisch: Creatures From the DeepArline Fisch (perfect name!), known for her textile and jewelry designs, knitted and crocheted with copper wire to create this delicate sea life. It was so tempting to reach in and try one on my wrist, but I could only oogle through the acrylic case.

Using the same copper wire, Fisch wove these sparkling jellyfish.

The second exhibit was Rebecca Huchinson: Affinity, an on-site installation. A beautifully quiet and contemplative piece.

Not quiet at all, the main exhibit was Michael Cooper: A Sculptural Odyssey, 1968-2011. Cooper creates perfectly and intricately crafted works of wood and metal. His imagery is everything from pistol-toting tricycles to fantasy motorized vehicles to elaborate kinetic political statements.

Then the well-dressed gala attendees...

Fierce-looking Anna Appleby wearing fab Jean Paul Gaultier boots and skirt. 

MCD staffer, Sarah Wininger. Love the lace dress, boots and dark purple tights. 

Eyeing Michael Cooper's very Finish Fetish tricycle, this lovely woman wears that flowered pillbox hat so well. It's perfect with the pink check and floral print. And the bright blue skirt gives the outfit edge and punch. 

I had to include her beautiful smile. 

And this dapper gentleman, Stevens Jay Carter,
wearing a scarf of his own design. 

And the shopping...

This is a well-curated shop! I'll be making another visit soon.

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  1. Hope you can make the opening

    9/6/13 Fri. 6 pm
    Joyce Gordon gallery
    Then is NOW