Friday, March 18, 2016

Baubles, Bubbles and Beauties

There's more to shopping than just buying stuff. There's the pleasure of looking, touching and trying. Just because I love it, doesn't mean I have to own it. That's what I told myself as I ogled the diamonds, gems and jewels ranging in the 4, 5 and 6 digit range at Tiffany & Co. on Wednesday night. Usually, I'm a 2 to 3 digit girl. 

And there was more to see than jewels at this toast to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; the people watching was fabulous.

Beautiful women, Elizabeth Harker of SFMOMA with PR, social media and style consultant Khuyen Do.

I met and chatted with darling Jon who has worked at Tiffany's for over twenty years. He looked so dapper that I complimented him on the gold bee pin on his lapel. I learned it isn't just an accessory, it's a memory of his mother who was nicknamed Bee and had a collection of Tiffany bee pins that Jon had given her.

Even in the midst of the festive crowd, he had a hint of tear as he told me the story, so of course, I did too.

My photo does not do justice to the gorgeous sparkle of this Oscar de la Renta dress that Kamal Shah wears so well. And I love how her friend doesn't have a skimpy pocket square, but a full blown Pucci scarf in his pocket.

The San Francisco Tiffany's is under renovation right now and this is one of the new rooms. It's like being inside an elegant jewelry box.

Great style all around!

 Vanessa Getty with Gina Peterson, Event Chair for the SFMOMA Modern Ball this May.

Gorgeous richly embroidered and sequined coat on philanthrophist and art collector Norah Stone.

I had a great time chatting with charming Alexandre Alesandrini in the Patek Philippe room. Our conversation went from luxury watches to classic race cars to bespoke shoes. He has George Cleverley shoes shipped from London. First I've heard of them and this needs further research. We also shared our passion for a well-shined shoe and he gave me such great info, I plan to do a post on shoe shining.

Alexandre let me try on a romantic Patek watch with a mother-of-pearl dial showing the phases of the moon. I didn't look at the price, I just enjoyed the moment with a sip of Veuve Clicquot.

It was a lovely event. But wait there's more!

Such a delicious evening of luxurious gorgeousness. Right next door to Tiffany's, Saks Fifth Avenue has their windows filled with Oscar de la Renta designs in honor of the retrospective at the de Young Museum. Look for a story on that soon!


  1. Love all the glamour shots but the most glamorous is - you!

  2. Awwww, thank you Naomi. You are a true friend!

  3. Love this glam entry, Lesa. I almost felt as if I attended. Although the photo of you in gorgeous, I am longing to see your entire fashionable ensemble (next time).

  4. Thank you Jill. I love taking full-length photos of others, but I shy away from it for myself. But I'll be daring and do it next time.

  5. I agee with your friend, Naomi! You look simply marvelous, Lesa!! Mary Ziober