Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mini Pour Deux

This clipping was sent to me by my Auntie right before we made our first trip together to Paris in 1980. Funny how things never change. We're still talking about sharing and swapping clothes on this trip!

I did one shopping expedition for Paris. A friend told me about Mili in Mill Valley, which is actually three neighboring boutiques. Matt and I drove there from San Francisco one Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago. I spent nearly four hours hopping between the Mili shops trying on a great mix of European and American-made clothes. Mili was super nice and had excellent suggestions. Matt kept himself entertained sitting in a comfy chair sketching and offering style crits when asked. I found a number of fabulous items that I think will be perfect for Paris (some of them came from Paris!). I've road-tested it all with success, style and comfort being the top criteria. One funny thing... everything is BLACK! But isn't that perfect for Paris? And San Francisco?

Labels from my new Mili acquistions
Here's my general packing list:

Crate yoga pants
Purple long sleeve T
Black cami
Neesh Highlands jacket (Mili)
Purple floral scarf

Sunlight "scuba" tunic (Mili) 
Navy zip-front dress
Black cotton knit Heartstring dress

McPlanet "tux" pants (Mili)
Paige skinny jeans
Cop Copine "Malice" leggings with bow detail (Mili)
plain leggings

White button down shirt
White l/s T
Black Neesh l/s lined mesh top (Mili)
Black 3/4 sleeve Petit Bateau T
White tank
Black tank

Cop Copine "Verseau" (Mili)
Black cotton knit shrug

"Chanel" flats
Sandals with heel
Flat sandals
Le Coq Sportif athletic

Lilac pashmina
Lilac and pink floral silk chiffon scarf
Mexican silver chain necklace
Various earrings
Silver cuff bracelet
PJ's, undies, etc. 
Laptop, camera, iPod, phone, chargers


  1. Ah, what I was waiting for, the packing list. Seems like an awful lot of stuff though for 10 days. I always take black--it's still the international travel color. Also, doesn't show stains! Enjoy the City of Light.

  2. Inspiring. This makes me want to go shopping and think in a more orderly fashion about clothes. Also, to go to Mili.

  3. Black, white, lilac and silver. Sounds perfect. Can't wait to read your blogs about Paris. Thanks for the tip about Mili.