Wednesday, June 15, 2011

La Faire de Lecher la Vitrine*

*Which translates to "window shopping." Even better, the literal translation is "to lick the windows." Which we did a lot of, figuratively, in Paris. 

Beautiful lacy things at Chantal Thomas

Dayglo at Colette

We did literal licking here. We tried the intense chocolates and sampled the salted caramel, pistachio and cafe macarons.

The entrance to L'Eclaireur at 40 Rue de Sevigne. The name translates to "The Scout". The New York Times describes this store as "the destination for intellectual-minded customers who prefer their fashion directional and their designers underexposed" and "Most of the clothes sold here would challenge even a professional model." 
True on all accounts, and a real experience.

The interior of L'Eclaireur. The atmosphere is dark and somewhat disturbing. We were there at closing and at the push of a button and with the whir of a motor, the panels lower over the racks, tucking the clothes away for the night or perhaps in preparation for launch of this alien spacecraft. 

Sculpture when entering L'Eclaireur

Lilith, in the Marais

Happy shopper at Lilith

She's modeling the dress in the window at Lilith. Did the French invent stripes or do they just know what to do with them?

At a men's store in the Marais. Love his 'tude and stylin' Hermes tie.

The Kooples, groovy rock 'n roll style. The look that L.A. hipsters dream of. This particular shop is near the Bastille. Use of sharp details and tailoring playing with masculine and feminine. Fabulous ad campaign of glamorous hip couples. 

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  1. Lots of black and white with just a pop of color. Love it!