Saturday, June 11, 2011

Merci Merci

The entrance to Merci, 111 Blvd. Beaumarchais

Airy, spacious, loft-like and with the friendliest staff, Merci was a shopping pleasure. And with some of the prices in our range, we also had the satisfaction of buying a few things. It was a little over two weeks ago that my Auntie and I were there and we spent several leisurely hours looking at the beautiful selection of men and women's clothing, housewares, linens, Annick Goutal perfumes and a floor of distressed french cafe, rough-hewn and mid-century modern furniture.

The entrance interior

The furniture area

In the women's clothes, every time we took something off the racks that we loved, it was by the same designer, Isabel Marant. Her clothing looked wearable, casually sexy and worldly chic. The fabrics were soft chiffony silks with jewel-tone colors. We didn't have enough euros, but she's on my wish list. 

We were also taken by the beautiful natural dyed bed and bath linens. While we knew the duvet covers would never fit in our already stuffed suitcases, we picked up a few waffle-textured linen hand towels. And we loved the vermilion linen aprons worn by the workers. We each bought one. Maybe I'll wear mine when I give a dinner party for a dash of French cool or maybe even on the street as part of an outfit?

We made friends with one of the staff and he showed us the various ways to wear the apron. Turns out he lived in San Francisco for three years, just a few block from where I live! He also recommended Paris.unlike as the best online guide to Paris.

New handsome friend modeling the apron as the British would wear it.

Then with a quick fold and nonchalant savoir faire...

This is how the cool French wear the apron. 

Even the shoppers at Merci were style inspirations:

Jeans and leather, always cool.

Great shoes and summery detail on jeans.

 Elegant orange, brown leather and khaki

Here's an easy and hip outfit

We had lunch in the bookstore. It was a comfortably dark library room with floor-to-ceiling used books for sale. I'm always happy to be surrounded by books.

Dejeuner at Merci

The lunch was fine. Every bite was bright and delicious, but a little too conceptual for our mood at that time. We were so accustomed to swimming in a sea of creamy richness that it was a little startling to have something so veggie and fresh and California-like.

Here are the items I bought (not including the apron). The MYdrap is a bit gimmicky, but practical too. I couldn't resist the idea of black cloth napkins coming on a roll like paper towels. And I love the colors and feel of the enamel demitasse cups that I can mix and match. The hors d'oeuvres picks are graphic and will be great at parties. And as always, I can't resist a blank book. I've since learned that the Merci owners have pledged to donate the profits to a charity that helps women and children in Madagascar.

After our shopping experience we headed out to Boulevard Beaumarchais and around the corner to Rue Bretagne, where we found more great cafes and shops. 


  1. Oh, I love those jeans with the red check and the shoes.

  2. Me too, love those jeans. If you had any doubts before you left for your trip, rest assured: You and Auntie/Mama look like chic Parisians. I do love your purchases but am wondering if you carried on your bags. . . .

  3. We got real and decided to not do carry on. And thank goodness for the expando zippers on our bags. Naomi, is that your baby photo? Absolutely darling with those sparkly eyes!

  4. It's fun and inspiring to see the summery Parisian style ideas!