Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stay Warm: Do the BV Loop with a Twist

Each time I tie a scarf this way and someone sees me, they exclaim "that's so cool, how did you do that?" So I thought I would share the technique with you. I'm calling it the BV (Bien Vestido) Loop. It's my current favorite way to tie a scarf and it's perfect for the chilly days now. It works best with a long scarf, but I've had success with shorter scarves too. This technique keeps you warm and adds a little fashion flair but it lays flat and it's not bulky around your neck, making it perfect for under a coat or with a sweater.

Fold long scarf in half and
drape around your neck.

Pull one end through the opening. 

Give the opening a little half twist, creating a loop. 

Pull the other end through 
the opening you just made.

Adjust as you like. And don't be surprised if you're asked to demonstrate the BV Loop to friends.


  1. I wore my scarf this way the other day and it made me feel like a million bucks! Thanks for the personal lesson; can't wait to cross paths again...! I will be sharing the BVLTM (and your marvelous blog) with many of my friends...

  2. I usualy wrap my scarves round my neck and then fling one end over my shoulder. Of course, after an hour or so the shoulder end usually has dragged itself back to the front and if it's a long scarf is dangling somewhere between my knees. Your method is much neater.

  3. I love this! I used the BV Loop today and it wasn't bulky and stayed put. I felt polished and cozy.