Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Flores de muchos colores y mas

Matt and I recently returned from a short but very sweet one-week trip to San Miguel de Allende, MX. We have a casa there and since we go often, I sometimes wonder "Have I seen it all? Have I done it all?" And the answer is always a resounding no. Every trip we meet new people all busily creating and exploring something stylish and artistic.

Yaruke, at Hernandez Macias #93

On my walk from our casa to the center of town, I came across this shop. The facade was so rustic and charming, I had to step in.  And there I found many beautiful scarves, satin flowers, necklaces and handpainted nichos. And I met the warm and friendly owner and artist, Yolanda Varela.

Yolanda with her richly painted nichos. 

Yolanda has been painting nichos (tin shadow-boxes traditionally with religious references, but now with culture icons) for fifteen years.  I was entranced by Yolanda's creations, the only challenge is how to choose? I'm planning to collect a few on our next trip to hang in our casa.

Sitting in the airy studio area at the back of the shop, Ma. de Los Angeles Sanchez Arredondo (beautiful name!), works with Yolanda making the flowers and attaching them to clips and scarves. The flowers measure about three inches across and are an easy accessory with stylish impact. One or more can be clipped on a jacket lapel, in the V of a v-neck tee or in your hair. I bought a bunch for gifts and the green one above for myself and wore it nearly everyday, adding jazzy whimsy to my outfit. They're not available online, so I'll have to wait for my next visit to buy more. They would make great little place card holder/party favors for a luncheon with girlfriends.

Elegant and festive shawls feature the satin flowers. So many colors and designs, it's hard to choose.  But I managed to select a couple!

This shawl would be gorgeous at a summer wedding. 

This view is looking from the back of the shop to the front.
 On every wall and shelf is a new treasure.  The satin flowers of Yaruka are unique and I love knowing the women who make them. When I wear one in San Francisco, it reminds me of San Miguel. And when someone comments on it, I get a chance to tell a story about this rich and wonderful place.


  1. Have you ever thought about opening a boutique?
    You could import some of this incredible stuff so I could buy it!
    I love that shawl. Are those the satin flowers on the hem?

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I agree, you should open a boutique for us.

  3. Hi Tipsy and Naomi, not sure about opening a boutique, but I'd consider taking orders for friends! And yep, the shawls are all embellished with the charming satin flowers.