Thursday, February 28, 2013

Valentine's Day Hearts and Scents

I know Valentine's Day was two weeks ago, but I wanted to show you this beautiful heart pendant that hubby Matt designed and made for me out of stainless and bronze. I love the light whimsical look and when I wore it to work the next day, I received many compliments, amazement from people who don't know Matt's work and recognition from people who do. "You are so lucky to be married to an artist who makes things for you!" they all exclaim. And yes, I am.

It was also lucky for me that Matt used the last drop of his favorite scent the week before Valentine's. It gave me the perfect idea for a gift and a great excuse to shop at one of my favorite San Francisco boutiques, Jacqueline Perfumery. Jacqueline's is classic, elegant and old-school, just like the proprietor, Monsieur Andre. The shop doesn't have a website, but here is the Yelp link. If you scan the reviews, you'll see they go from five stars to zero stars. I agree with the five stars. The zero stars are the people who don't understand that as a customer you have to play by the rules of sometimes gruff Andre. When you enter the shop, you are entering his world and it's important to be extra polite and patient and follow his lead until he warms up to you. As soon as he does, he is generous with his knowledge and very helpful.

The shop has been downtown on Geary near the corner of Grant for as long as I can remember and I've lived in San Francisco since 1981. About six years ago, I was shopping for a new scent for Matt and I consulted with Andre. He asked what scents Matt liked, I answered Fendi Uomo (what he wore on our first date, but is now discontinued). Monsieur pulled Azzaro pour Homme off the shelf and gave me a spritz. I instantly loved it and knew Matt would too. Andre explained they were both a fougere. When I asked what that meant he said "fern". Which I didn't quite understand, so I've been doing some research.

Lately I been referring to this book, Perfumes: the A-Z Guide,  and having a great time with it. I'll write more about it in another post. More than 1800 perfumes are reviewed by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez. Their writing is poetic, personal, practical and very witty and fun to read. Turin gives Azzaro pour Homme five out of five stars. Introduced in 1978, he describes ApH as "affable, slightly vulgar, completely unpretentious and overall just delicious." And he lists it as one of the top ten best masculine fragrances. And when I smell it on Matt, I have to agree.

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  1. Lucky you to have received such a lovely Valentin's gift from hubby. I guess I'll have to be more discerning when choosing a scent for my husband now that I know there's life after Old Spice!