Friday, September 13, 2013

Style-Star Struck

Grace Coddington, Creative Director of Vogue. She doesn't take photographs, she sketches. I would love to take a peek inside the sketchbook she's holding. 

I was just in NYC for work; a seven-day photoshoot which had absolutely nothing to do with the world of fashion. It was long days of recreating office scenes and groups gathered to discuss their investing in corporate and home surroundings. And at the same time in NY it was Fashion Week! I knew there were runway shows and events happening all over, but I didn't have enough strings to pull to get tickets to any shows. What's a style blogger to do? I did some praying to the fashion goddess ("Isis, Isis, fashion crisis!") and she answered, in a bigger way than I ever imagined.

Last Sunday, we were shooting a corporate event scene at an art gallery in Chelsea. Across the street I noticed a bit of a hubbub. I learned it was the show for Band of Outsiders. No, there were no extra tickets, but I was told I could hang outside and watch the comings and goings. Sure! I'll make the most of what I can get. I situated myself in a good spot with the other photographers and started shooting some very pretty people in great clothes (more on that in my next post). When a white Town Car pulled up and I saw the top of a very red-haired head. I gasped, that could only be one person - Grace Coddington! Sure enough, it was. I was arm's length from one of my major style icons. I began snapping away and getting teary and laughing at the same time. I think I got a bit hysterical. I even called out "I love you Grace!" like a kid at a boy band concert. (What I meant was "I respect and admire you!"). But I managed to keep it together and take these photos.

Grace with that determined expression we're all familiar with after The September Issue

Raydene Salinas, wearing a great fashion photographers outfit: stylish, comfortable 
and ready for quick moves. 

While we photographers were waiting for guests to arrive, I befriended the darling and empathetic Raydene Salinas, Huffington Post photographer and photo editor. It was a relief to share my star struck excitement with her. She laughed with me and said she wished everyone was as enthusiastic about style.

Garance Doré and her great smile. 

No sooner than I could catch my breath from seeing Grace, up pulls another car with Garance Doré and Scott Schuman. I regularly follow both of their blogs. Garance writes in such a friendly open tone that reading her blog feels like a chat with a girlfriend. She's wearing the Valentino Rockstud shoes I've lusted after for some time. I wanted to make a connection with her, so I introduced myself and we shook hands and I stammered out "I really like your blog." She smiled and said thank you. (Note to self: practice more intelligent comments when meeting my style icons!)

Scott Schuman of The Satorialist and Garance Doré of the eponymously named blog. 

Simon Doonan, creative ambassador of Barneys New York. He's easy to spot in his signature 
flower-print shirts and majorly monogramed Goyard bag. 

I adore Simon Doonan and I actually felt comfortable enough to strike up a conversation with him. He's written six books that I've read. They are all personal and very funny so I feel I know him. He has a new one coming out this month, The Asylum, "a collage of couture reminiscences and hysteria." Sounds like a must-read.

Linda Fargo, senior vice president of Bergdorf Goodman's fashion office and store presentation. 

Do an image search of Linda Fargo and you will see someone who is always dressed elegantly and up-to-the-minute. Of course, she has Bergdorf's as her closet, but she certainly wears it well.

Even though I was on the fringes, it was a thrill to be in NY for fashion week. Who knows, maybe next year I'll be on the guest list.


  1. I rarely comment on any blogs but I wanted to tell you that I love your blog and how utterly jealous I am that you got to meet all of these people! Simon Doonan and Grace Coddington in particular. Thank you, too, for introducing me to Grace Coddington's memoir, I'm not sure I would have picked it up without your recommendation.

  2. Thank you for your wonderful comments! I sincerely appreciate it. I'm sure you'll enjoy Grace's memoir, she's had a glamorous life, but she's a hard worker too which makes it easy to relate to her. And her dedication to her creative vision is inspiring.

  3. Well done! I so admire that you had the nerve to talk to Simon Doonan. I would probably not even be able to focus my camera. Nice shot of the fabulous Ms. Coddington, as well. Great timing to be in NYC for fashion week. I have a photographer friend who moved to the city this year and she has been at a lot of shows. I can connect you two if you go back and maybe she can get you into a show!