Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This is so two weeks ago

More style icon sightings! The glamorous Giovanna Battaglia and Stefano Tonchi, editor-in-chief of W magazine. I love Giovanna's outfit. It's so simple and elegant and the oversized buckle makes it high style.

The fashion folk are in Paris this week, but my thoughts are still in New York. What follows are more photos from my exciting NY fashion week adventure as an outsider (on the sidewalk!) at the Band of Outsiders show in Chelsea about two weeks ago. Since then, the style cognoscenti have ogled the runways in London, Milan and now Paris. But style inspiration can be found anywhere at anytime and I hope you find some here, even if this is ancient history.

I love this idea of knotting the hem of drapey wide trousers. 

Beautiful lace and necklace. And the white and coral is so dramatic with her black hair. 

I saw a lot of these leather shorts. 

Lots of block colors and geometric shapes too. 

It's amazing how a motorcycle jacket, striped T and ripped jeans still look great. 
Nice update with the clutch. 


An indy-prep look. It's a shirtdress and loafers, 
but the shapes and proportions are pushed and more dramatic. 

I saw lots of crisp white shirts and with those legs, she sure wears it well!

Very luxe-collegiate!


  1. Most of these outfits are very uninspring. Only a handful can you honestly say show some sense of personal style. The women look comfortable not chic, stylish, innovative, funky, opulent. Shirt dress and loafers- only good because she's rail thin. Ditto motorcycle jacket and striped T seen it for years. This one is just plain frumpy. GB of W fantastic. Woman with red lips, black lace cap sleeve dress- classic. Peach dress red hair. Somewhat nice. Why? Probably because no one is wearing peach. NY women are not sylish. They go for comfort. Those flat sandles: unattractive on practically everyone and boring! Maybe uptown it's better on 57th street. That day in Chelsea which I recall wasn't hot , the women looked like fading flowers. Boring.

  2. I agree with a lot of your comments, especially about the sandals! It's a good reminder to me to sharpen my style eye, which I think has gotten dulled from living in San Francisco where even downtown, it's a sea of jeans and sports gear. In NYC, I was thrilled to see so many people dressed as if they put some thought to it. But these outfits were more like the appetizers and I still have a craving to see more dressy clothes, like GB's.

  3. My favorites? Giovanna and the gal in the big white shirt and heels. As for the rest, when you're young even ugly black and white clunky moccasins look great.

  4. Completely true Naomi! Even though the exact outfit would be unwearable on me (those clunky loafers, never!), it's interesting to take certain features that attract me and figure out a way to wear them. Like the use of graphic color or elements of leather. Or it gives me ideas of what not to wear because everyone's wearing it.

  5. Wonderful "man on the street" photos- I loved them. Especially the variety. It feels like today the idea of fashion isn't limited to being dressed up or down. LOVE the big belt buckle- you are right, it takes a very simple outfit and tops it off! Great post. Virginia- FirstClassWoman

  6. What fun to have a "Bill Cunningham" day in NYC. I'm happy for you. I appreciate your eye for interesting details. Was surprised to see so many of those criss-crossy leather strapped shoes. My daughter just moved to to Astoria so we're visiting NYC next month. Can't wait!