Friday, April 22, 2011

The Mad Fascinators' Party

How did I go this long without hearing of a Fascinator until now? And I've been known to hot glue a small artificial Christmas tree to a headband and wear it to a holiday party. I called it a hat, but "Fascinator" would've been a much better descriptor. As
Wikipedia defines it "... a delicate, slightly-to-very frivolous head decoration...".  A web search shows that the British Royals have cornered the market on these things. 

A group of us friends are giving my girly girlfriend Karen a birthday celebration next Sunday. All attendees are requested to wear hats. But Krafty Karen has gone beyond the hat and held a Fascinator-making session last weekend. She provided a treasure chest of materials. We started with small round convex mesh bases which we covered with fabric. Then added flowers, feathers, netting, rhinestones, ribbons, faux butterflies and anything else that inspired us. 

As you can see, mine is still a work in progress. But getting close. I'll have it done this week and can give it  a trial run by wearing it on April 29th at 4 am when I watch the Royal Wedding on TV. 


  1. I just hear that term last year from a milliner and loved it. I have a feeling your fascinator will be more stylish than those of the Royals. Now to perfect the wave!

  2. I wondered how women kept them on, perched as they are on their foreheads.