Saturday, April 30, 2011

Salacious Sculpture and Jimmy Choo

"So You Think You Can Dance" and Jimmy Choo

My sculptor husband is having an opening at Marx & Zavattero downtown San Francisco tonight of his latest work. We've had months and months of thinking, sketching, experimenting and building on his part; and lots of active listening, emotional supporting and tongue-biting on my part. Most of the tongue-biting has to do with safety concerns about the bubbling vat of hot tar in the studio below the living room window and the tarry footprints on the wood floor. But it's a small price to pay as the resulting sculptures are very exciting and "salacious" as the press release says.


But now that the work is done and installed in the gallery, here is the big question: What do I wear to the opening? Inspired by Matt's new work in asphalt, I think my patent leather Jimmy Choo booties extend the shiny black theme. So I'll wear those for sure, and as for the rest of the outfit...?


  1. Eager to hear about the rest of your outfit. Kudos to Matt and his salacious sculptures!

  2. Wonderful photo! Love it. A kind of chicken and egg interpretation re: who inspired whom.