Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My First Pair of Manolos

It was 1994 and my husband Matt and I had been dating for only about six weeks when he surprised me with a beautifully wrapped gift about the size of a shoebox. Matt is an artist and can make just about anything, so a pair of shoes was the last thing I thought would be in the box. I peeled back the wrapping paper and saw the glossy white understated box with “Manolo Blahnik” printed on the end. Still not believing I lifted the lid and found these beautiful high-heeled black suede oxfords with a gorgeous hint of shiny black patent trim.  

Not only had Matt zeroed in on one of my favorite shoe styles, but he braved the Neiman Marcus women’s shoe department, found my exact size and spent way more money than he should have. Even back then they were some of the most expensive shoes one could buy. Of course I cried. And then I immediately tried them on falling in love with them and Matt. Two years and several pair of luxury shoes later, we married. And seventeen years later, I still wear these. How’s that for CPW


  1. I love that style of shoe and have always been fascinated with the Manolo phenomenon -- even before Sex & the City. What makes them special, besides beauty? Are they comfortable?
    A friend said I HAD to go to a shoe store here in Barcelona called Muxart and buy a pair of shoes. Today I did -- they're green with orange trim, platform sandals. They're probably the most "special" shoes I've ever bought. Not good for walking around on cobbled streets, though, so I have to wait until I get home.

  2. What a sweet story. Sounds like Matt knows what makes your heart beat faster!