Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Little Piece of Mexico

Early morning, my Tia and I in front of Casa Gil,
in Colonia San Antonio, Calle San Juan.

Once I start talking about San Miguel de Allende it's hard for me to stop. I've shared with you some of my favorite places but I couldn't say adios to my SMdeA series without sharing Casa Gil. This will be the last post about San Miguel -- until the next time! Casa Gil, named after hubby Matt's paternal side of his family from Andulacia, Spain, is the home we finished construction on four years ago. And it's a work in progress. Matt and I enjoy the design process and we don't get there as often or for as long as we would like, so we've convinced ourselves to relax into the fact that the casa will take some time to be "done". But we love watching the place evolve and hope our family, friends, friends of friends and renters that stay there do too.

The entry. Antique bench found in El Centro. 
Brand new shelf built by Matt. 

Behind the big brown door.
Matt working in the studio. It's a large high-ceilinged space
that's great for a designer or painter. 

Walking from the entry to the patio. We just got the chairs and the new patio table design is 
with Maestro Rodrigo (right around the corner) for fabrication. 

The dining room. I always wanted a reason to buy equipal chairs and table. 
And for between the palm and lamp, the hutch design on the way!

The kitchen. The tiles were made in SMdeA. 
The papier mache chickens on the top shelf were made by local artist Rosa. 

The living room. Sofa and chairs made by Grace's Sofas in El Centro.  

The Master Bedroom. I found that gorgeous gold-leafed tin heart
in the back of the tiniest stall in the Mercado Artesanias. Matt made the end tables. 

The bed frame was made in the neighborhood.

The master bathroom. The light fixtures,
mirrors and glassware from the Mercado Artesanias. 

The upstairs guest room.  Art for the walls to come!

The upstairs guest bathroom. The green is integrated in the concrete, 
called a pullido finish. A little more dramatic than expected, but why not?

The upstairs terrace with spiral stairs to the roof. 

The view from the roof. And as they famously say,
 "You can see the Parroquia from here!" 

Another part of the view. 
It's very nice at night sitting on the roof with a glass of wine. 

I was charmed by some tiles I had seen with paw prints in them. I learned that when the tiles are made they're put in the sun to dry and dogs, cats and roosters often walk across them leaving their prints. And they're thought to be good luck. I mentioned to our builder that I liked them and now we have them all over the casa. Many more than I expected, and some with unidentifiable large claw prints (pterodactyl?), but it's another one of those unique things that I love about our casa and Mexico. 

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  1. What a lovely home. An artist's paradise for sure. No wonder you and Matt can hardly wait to get down there.