Sunday, March 4, 2012

San Miguel de Allende, Part Dos

    The exterior of Cafe de la Parroquia                    

We've been back from San Miguel de Allende a week today, but my heart and mind are still there. While there a week ago Wednesday, Matt and I decided to have breakfast out. Our housecleaner, Luz Maria, comes pronto at 10 am on Wednesdays and we didn't want to be in her way. We did the fifteen minute walk to Cafe de la Parroquia, which is a casual place for a good breakfast or lunch in El Centro. 

The pretty courtyard at Cafe de la Parroquia.

Walking to El Centro, we ran into Luz Maria on her way to our  casa.  I am determined to improve my spanish so I can have a conversation with Luz.  She's very patient with me, but there's a lot of pantomiming on my part and I always feel like I am missing something important she is telling me.  

Walking to town, we also peeked into the metal fabrication shop that's making our patio chairs. That's them stacked on the left! Most of our furniture has not only been made in San Miguel, but a lot of it has been made right in our neighborhood.

The front of Fabrica la Aurora

After breakfast, Matt and I walked to La Aurora. It's a beautiful old compound that was a textile factory in the early 1900's and is now filled with art galleries, restaurants and interior design shops. It's very easy to pass the day in this artful and peaceful environment. 

The entrance to one of the many antique shops. 

The courtyard entry at Fabrica la Aurora

Matt and I quenched our thirst on this sunny terrace at Barushi (Bar and Sushi)
with a couple of Victoria beers.  

Once a month Fabrica la Aurora has Art Walks where all the galleries stay open late and the stylish come to see and be seen. Our trip didn't coincide with one this time. Can't do everything, and it's good to have a reason to go back. 

We also missed this! It happened today -- a big Mexican wrestling match, lucha libre, to benefit the local Red Cross. I would've loved to have been there for it. The Mini Psycho Circus with Mini Murder Clown and Mini Monst(h)er Clown has me very curious.


  1. Been waiting for this blog! Thanks for another lovely entry. No wonder you and Matt chose to build a second home in Mexico!

  2. What a magical place Lesa, I love seeing and reading about "your way of life" in San Miguel del Allende. Looks vibrant and peaceful all at the same time.