Tuesday, March 6, 2012

San Miguel de Allende, Part Tres

Call me Gringa Loca, and I'm sure some people do, but on my visits to San Miguel de Allende I go to the Artisans Market nearly everyday. There is usually something I need for our casa or for gifts or just because it caught my eye. Under this curved metal roof and through this handmade stone arch is a treasure chest of wonders to outfit yourself, your home and your friends and family. Need a beautiful hand crafted hanging star light (a specialty of San Miguel)? You'll find them here in all sizes, finishes, encrusted with colored marbles or not. Need an amazing hand embroidered Otomi textile? There's a number of stalls that sell all colors and sizes for your bed, table or wall. Would you like cheery brightly colored straw placemats to impress your brunch guests? Buy 'em here by the dozen. Enough handblown margarita glasses to serve everyone you know? They got 'em. Or how about charming and very affordable Mexican pottery? Not to mention shining Mexican silver earrings, necklaces, bracelets, belts and intricately beaded Huichol Indian items. See? I get a little beside myself just thinking about it.

And there are a few things you might need that you never thought you needed. How can you resist a dress or handbag made of crocheted pop tops?

Incredible accessories and wearables made right here,
all from pop tops. 

I bought a bracelet, but I'm fascinated by this outfit!

No visit to the Mercado de Artesanias is complete without stopping by Senor Jose's small but extremely productive table. Give him any name or phrase and using a jeweler's saw he hand cuts and notches brass flat bar creating personalized key chains. He's been at this spot in the market for over eleven years. I've gotten numerous key chains from him for myself and as gifts.  

Here's a couple of the key chains I've gotten from Senor Jose. They all have that 70's hip "Keep on Truckin'" type style. 

Once you've completed your shopping for the day at the Artisan's Market, and still have room in your bolsa (if not, you can always buy another one!), Chaskis is near the market and always surprises with a great cotton embroidered top, scarf or panama hat. No faux in this boho. 

At this point, I've got so many purchases I'm looking like I need a burro or that I am a burro, but there's always one more alluring shop. The colorful logo and fluttering ribbons beckon to enter. And I can't resist. Mixta is a sophisticated mix of art and kitsch. 

So many artisans, shops and boutiques -- this is just a taste. When they say "Comprar sin Parar" ("Shop 'til you drop") in San Miguel, it's serious.

The terrace at La Azotea, right before opening for the evening.

Fortunately, there are many fabulous bars like this one, La Azotea, where we refresh ourselves with "two for the price of one" Negronis after a big shopping day. Even the cafe at the Biblioteca serves margaritas. You gotta love a library that serves cocktails. And you gotta love a town with endless creative shopping possibilities. 


  1. Beautiful post, Lesa! I'm inspired to travel to SMA again, soon.
    Happy First Birthday to Bien Vestido!!!

  2. I love the keychains and think that they would be perfect for our casa in Palm Springs. Let me know the next time you are headed to SMA and I will send our "catch phrases" and $'s. Like tipsybaker I just smiled when I saw that you order Negroni's while in Mexico. I would expect nothing less from your personal style. Loved all the posts on your special place. And, the pt 1, pt 2, pt 3 really helped build my anticipation. XO

  3. Loved the hand tinted photos of the senorita in her sombrero...that I would NOT have been able to pass up! The no faux boho line also cracked me up. This series is a wonderful travelogue for anyone wanting to visit SMA. Thanks for the post!